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  • Max Attraction for Women
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Max Attraction for Women

Rs 160.00 Rs 100.00
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  • Contains 7 seperate optimized pheromones to give you maximum potency and allure.
  • Max Attraction for Women is the unscented version of our best-selling Max Attraction Silk for Women product. Because Max Attraction for Women has all the benefits of Max Attraction Silk for Women but without the scent, you can use it with your existing favorite perfume products.
  • Max Attraction from Women helps get you noticed by men by blending 56 mg of copulins with 42 mg of synthetic human pheromones. Our pheromones are formulated with a unique silicone oil; the technology used in our manufacturing process is more advanced than most oil-based pheromone products, making them superior in the effects and the duration versus a standard oil-base. This makes Max Attraction for Women one of the most powerful unscented pheromone products on the market today!
  • Just one application of Max Attraction for Women can noticeably change the way men respond to you. Become romantically irresistible and dramatically more alluring with the best unscented pheromone product for women available today, guaranteed to work or your money back!
  • Max Attraction for Women comes in an easy to use, discrete, and convenient bottle - so it's ready to use at a moment's notice.
  • Partial Ingredients: Androstadienone, androstenone, androstanone, alpha -androstenol

  • * All ingredients are not listed to protect our formula from being duplicated.



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