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Enquiry About : Aware - Confidence Enhancer

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  • Aware  Confidence Enhancer
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Aware - Confidence Enhancer

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  • Aware unisex pheromones help you radiate confidence and poise to those around you making it perfect for business and social situations.
  • Aware contains 36 mg of synthetic human pheromones, making it one of most powerful unisex pheromone products on the market today!
  • Aware contains 5 separate optimized pheromones, to give you maximum potency and confidence.
  • Aware boosts your confidence levels by reducing inhibitions, and making those close to you more friendly, talkative, and open-minded.
  • Just one application of Aware can make a dramatic difference in your social interactions and is guaranteed to work or your money back!
  • Partial Ingredients: Alpha-androstenol, estratetraenol, beta-androstanol, androstenone

  • * All ingredients are not listed to protect our formula from being duplicated.

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